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This South Carolina approved permit course is for all South Carolina citizens who want or need to carry a concealed handgun for their personal or family’s safety. In this course, you will learn parts and operation of the handgun, proper and safe storage of a handgun, to include drawing a weapon and holster/gun retention. You will also learn techniques for the improving the skills needed for accurate shot placement. Also there will be instructions on the laws and the obligations of the concealed weapon permit carrier. Upon completion of this course you may apply to the State of South Carolina for a concealed weapon permit.  

1. Information on the statutory and case law of South Carolina relating to handguns and to the use of lethal and deadly force. 
2. Information on handgun use and safe gun handling skills.
3. Proper storage practice for handguns with an emphasis on storage practices that reduces the possibility of accidental injury to a child.
4. The actual firing of the handgun in the presence of the instructor along with safe handling of the firearm including loading, unloading       and accurate shot placement.
5. Legal provisions of prohibited carry locations as a SC CWP permit holder.
6. Guidance on the proper selection of a concealed handgun and carry options.

Included in the cost of the course are: targets, and course certificate. After you have passed the course, you will need to make an appointment with IdentoGO 866-254-2366, to have your package digitally processed.  Should have permit in hand approximately two weeks later. 

You need to bring: 
  • A handgun with a way to holster it, whether it be your pocket or holster. 
  • You will need at least 50 rounds of ammunition & eye protection. 
  • We provide hearing protection, but if you prefer to bring your own, you may.   
  • CWP Classes Max of 20 students ($100/person).

•Please reserve your spot by mailing a $50.00 nonrefundable deposit, check, made out to: 
Gunner's Training Group LLC, 5213 Whippoorwill Ln., Johns Island, SC 29455-4741. (This address is not where class is held.) 
Or Venmo: Gunnercwp. 

Please call 843.209.9977 to reserve a target or RSVP online here. The John's island class location will be given once you register. 
Registration Fees are Non-Refundable.  The remaining balance of the class will be due the day of class. 


This is a three to four hour course designed for those who never fired a weapon before, and those who haven't fired a weapon for quite some time and need a refresher before wiping the dust off that old six shooter and putting it to use. Course will cover types of small arms {revolvers & auto pistols), how to load and unload these weapons, how they function, and the different types of ammo available for them. We will also provide you with the skills to fire these weapons. We will talk about general weapons safety, and how to make these weapons safe. I encourage you to bring your handgun if you have one, and at least 100 rounds of ammo. For those who don't have a weapon, there are several on site for you to choose from ($10.00 rental & $35.00 per 50 rds ammo replacement fee). The cost of this class is $150.00. Those with a group of 4 or more, please call and schedule a date. 


This is quality, "One On One" handgun training.  This one lesson provides formal assurance that you will leave with confidence and a high degree of competence with the use of your firearm.     Please call Gunner 843-209-9977 for scheduling and quotes. 

Hours: 8am-2pm
Payment Accepted: Check, Cash or Venmo (Gunnercwp)

​These forms must be submitted with your Concealed Weapons Permit package.