Learn how to protect yourself by arming yourself, it is your Right!

Whether you are a new gun owner or have previously owned a weapon come join us today! Refresh your knowledge on how to clean, lock, fire and conceal your weapon. You can never be too safe. Join us to receive your CWP training.  If you live in the Charleston area, Mt Pleasant, North Charleston, Hannahan, and Daniel Island in South Carolina, we are only a short drive to a beautiful country setting on John's Island.  

We provide several courses of instruction to choose from:

1. Familiarization weapons course

2. Concealed Weapons Permit class

3. Refresher course (those who have a permit and would like an update)

Gift Certificates are available for $75.00. 

               Call 843 209-9977 for arrangements 
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Please register here, or call Gunner (843) 209-9977.


               Registration Open for July 2020:                          Registration Open for August 2020:

                                Sunday, July 5th (FULL)                                     Thursday, Aug 6th (FULL)
                                Saturday, July 11th (FULL)                                 Saturday, Aug 8th (FULL)
                                Saturday, July 18th (FULL)                                 Sunday, Aug 9th
                                Thursday, July 23rd (FULL)                                Sunday, Aug 16th
                                Wednesday, July 29th (FULL)                            Sunday, Aug 23th
                                                                                                              Saturday, Aug 29th
                                                                                                              Sunday, Aug 30th


  *Guaranteed seats will go to those who make the advanced $25 deposit*
*Johns Island Location will be provided when you register* ​

You must bring a TYPED & filled-out CWP application and an Instructor / Student Checklist:​

Thank you for choosing Gunner's Training Group.  We look forward to seeing you!